Enjoy the peaceful, undulating forest and the flowing rivers alongside The Wild Festival’s unique performances. The festival route guides visitors through brightly lit pine woods, ancient riverside trails, wilderness ponds, past the rapids at Kiutaköngäs and finally on to the beautiful Oulanka riverbank.


The Wild festival 21.8.–22.8.2020 combines Oulanka National Park’s wilderness with a diverse artistic program. The arts program includes creative acoustic gigs, dance, community art and philosophy. Entrance to the festival area is free of charge. The festival starts on Friday 21st of August with an evening gig at Pikku-pyhävaara peak.

Wild Festival and safety: Wild festival follows the authorities’ regulations and precautions. in case of changes in the coronavirus situation the festival may be cancelled.

On Saturday 22nd the festival spreads out along a 10 kilometre route in the forest of Oulanka National Park. The starting point is the Oulanka Visitor Centre.

The Wild Festival is organised by Kulttuuriyhdistys Päiväkoti ry. and Ruka-Kuusamo matkailuyhdistys ry. We are co-operating with The Finnish National Forestry and Parks Commission.


Visitors can bring their own snacks and prepare them at the permitted sites. These sites are specially marked for this purpose. Remember to check possible forest fire warnings. Please be careful not to leave any litter in the forest. There is a cafe-restaurant in the Oulanka Visitor Centre that is open on Saturdays from 10am to 6pm.

Hiking on the festival route

Visitors can follow the festival program on Saturday by moving from one performance place to another according to the given schedule or wander freely and enjoy the performances that might happen to come across. There are three starting times for the scheduled rounds. The whole route with all the artists will take about 7 hours.

The festival route will be marked with signs and it follows the Könkään keino trail ending at the riverbank in the camping ground one kilometre away from Oulanka Visitor Centre.

Please bear in mind that walking is permitted only on the marked routes. In Oulanka National Park visitors must abide by the rules of Hiking without littering.

For more information about the rules of the national park please see: https://www.nationalparks.fi/en/oulan­kanp/instructionsandrules


Friday 21st pikku-pyhävaara peak

jukka nousiainen solo

Saturday 22nd Oulanka National Park


Viitasen Piia solo

aino venna ja ilona jäntti

Yona solo & Yoga

Tatu Rönkkö

Nihkee Akka

Jonna kalliomäki


Friday 21.8. pikku-pyhävaara jukka nousiainen 18:00

Saturday 22.8. Oulanka National park 10:00–19:00.

Scheduled starts for the festival route 10:00, 11:00, 12:00

tatu rönkkö 10:35, 11:35 & 12:35

Nihkee akka x Sonja Elonen 11:25, 12:25, 13:25

Yona soolo & jooga 12:20, 13:20, 14:20

jonna kalliomäki yhteisötaideohjelma 12:30-16:00

Viitasen piia soolo 13:55, 14:55 & 15:55

räjäyttäjät 15:25, 16:25 & 17:45

aino venna ja ilona jäntti klo. 17:05 (huom. tämä esitys vain kerran)

The detailed and scheduled program will be announced in August.


Friday 21st of August Pikku-Pyhävaara peak

Hiking to pyhävaara

The hiking route to Pikku-Pyhävaara peak is about 3,5 km and takes about 2 hours to hike. The starting point is Pirunkallio parking and follows the Pyhäjyssäys route. Please follow the Pyhäjyssäys and Wild Festival signs. Pikku-Pyhävaara Peak has lean-to shelter and dry toilet.

Saturday 22nd Oulanka National Park

On Saturday the festival’s starting point is the Oulanka Visitor Centre. We recommend to travel there by festival bus.

Festival bus

The easiest way to arrive is to take the festival bus that operates regularly on Saturday 22nd of August between Ruka Centre and Oulanka Visitor Centre.

Shared taxi

A shared taxi from Ruka to Oulanka Visitor Centre can be booked in advance. To order a shared taxi call Ruka taxi service tel. 08 8681 222

Oulanka National Park directions and maps


How to get to Ruka



Please see the accomodation options from ruka store


Volunteer work

Wild festival is looking for volunteers. The volunteers will be provided with the accommodation in Ruka. Registration for volunteers: info@nullkulttuuritalopaivakoti.fi

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